Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

A Call is:

  • A drive that forces us to want to make a change in our lives – Nicole
  • When you are going blind and get corrective lens so you can see – Lola
  • More than a notion – a reality in life which raises the question of who is calling – Steve
  • Clarity – a sense of direction in life – Paola
  • A compass/GPS from where you are to where you are supposed to be – Lola
  • To be happy – positive – Natalie
  • Your destiny – the reason why you are on earth – Chelsey
  • Your purpose in life – Cherise
  • The spiritual direction that points us toward our ultimate goals in life that have been set at birth – Avery
  • Something that makes you know your purpose in life – David
  • A passion in life – an instinctual knowing of what you are to be – Sarah
  • Something you are put on earth to do and that you carry out – Antonio, Jane, Kayla, and Ian
  • Moral compass that shows you where you are supposed to go – Lukas



A call involves the Head (understanding our God-given purpose in life) and the Heart (what we are passionate about).  Calls are both Internal (God’s voice within us) and External (the way we live out our call and make a difference in life).
Student Comments:
The diagram is in the shape of a cross and reminds me that our call is from Christ – John
A call affects different parts of your life – Cherise
Which part of the call diagram resonates more with you?
            Heart – Andrew
            Head – Nathan
            Internal, External – Antonio
            Call, Heart – Angy
            Internal – Ian
            Balance of all four – Sarah
            Heart, but everything is connected – Lola

What are some significant reasons why we don’t respond passionately and constantly to our calls?

* We don’t always know how to do so. Even when we know that our call exists and what it is we do not know how to live out our call

* We choose to focus on other concerns and ignore or sidestep the deep level of our lives

* Lack of resources (i.e. time, money,etc.) – Lola, John, Juan, Mary

* We doubt our abilities – Cherise

* Cultural and religious hindrances – Lola

* Societal pressures – Nicole, Mary

* Parental and other influences – Nicole, Lola

* Lack of confidence – John

* Not able to identify our call – John

* Fear of the unknown – Nora, Mary

* School/life frustration – Phil

* Distractions (i.e. video games) – Alex

* Failing to see that God’s purpose is worked out through people – John

* Temptations and social exposures – John, Derek

* Vices and greed – Guy, Isaac

What would be helpful to you to identify and pursue God’s call for your life?

Learning how to identify signs, reasons, and purpose in our lives and the value of our call in God’s greater purpose – Taylor and Antonio

Find a mentor who we can go along with who has a similar call to see how it is manifest

Someone you trust who you can talk to about your call

Someone who will motivate you

Reading the Bible

Someone in your profession you can help out and learn more

A process to help identify calls

Learning how to find clues in our lives about what God wants us to do – Ian and Francis

Find what you are passionate about

Pray often

Establish a relationship with God

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